Security Overview

Security is our top priority

At Forte, we handle the sensitive data of many of the largest organizations in the world. Our world-class Information Security Program is certified to the ISO 27001 standard, the only internationally recognized security management standard. With Probate Finder OnDemand™, you can share, manage and access your information with confidence.

Security Architecture

probate finder ondemand security architecture
Data and File Encryption

Probate Finder OnDemand secures all session content with 168-bit encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). With SSL, we encrypt all data within our web services, preventing third parties from accessing any data in transit.

Network and Physical Security

Probate Finder OnDemand employs firewall, router and physical access controls to secure our networks and backend servers. Infrastructure security is continuously monitored, and vulnerability testing is conducted regularly by internal staff and third-party auditors.

Password-Protection Policy Enforcement

Users must supply a valid email address and corresponding user account password. All passwords must contain at least ten characters and include letters, numbers, symbols and caps. Automatic user lock-out protection and session time-out strictly enforced.

Role-Based Access Controls

Probate Finder OnDemand applies role-based settings and user privileges to select which workflows and account information individuals and affiliate groups can access. Administrators designate access privileges including editing, viewing and uploading.

Security is our top priority

Comprehensive security at every level, for every user

Forte is serious about security. As such, we are committed to the design, implementation and support of a world-class Information Security Program. This includes:

  • Preventing unauthorized use of the system and its features
  • Avoiding any compromise of assets, including data, software and private networks
  • Protecting the privacy and integrity of confidential information
  • Ensuring availability and reliability of service
  • Integrating seamlessly with other network/computer security measures

By incorporating key security features and making them easy to administer and use, Probate Finder OnDemand™ enables an effective and safe online user experience.

Application-Level Protection
  • Ten-character password requirement including letters, numbers, symbols and caps
  • Text image verification during registration, login and password reset
  • Unique, randomly generated temporary password applied to password reset
  • Temporary user lock-out for too many failed log-in attempts or session timeout
  • Compliant with HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA and state data-privacy laws
Network Level Protection
  • External penetration testing performed for system security and validation
  • Sophisticated dual-firewall design that selectively controls access
  • Intrusion detection system continuously monitors network traffic
  • Multiple servers and backup systems create a seamless flow of data
Physical Level Protection
  • Physical access to servers is tightly restricted and continuously monitored
  • All web, application and database servers are housed in secure data centers
  • Data centers implement ongoing audit, 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance
  • Power systems feature multiple power feeds, UPS devices and backup

If you would like to learn more about Probate Finder OnDemand’s security features, policies and procedures, please visit us on the web at, or contact our sales team at 1.888.423.0522.