Probate Finder OnDemand™


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Automated probate estate location and claim filing

Probate Finder OnDemand™ makes it simple for you to add accounts receivable and manage probate claims. Our secure workflow solution meets all of your probate recovery needs with easy-to-use administrative tools and support resources.

DOD Finder™ (Date of Death Finder)

  • Proactively identifies accounts in your active portfolio that have passed away.
  • Early identification and precise verification of DOD ensures that your claims are filed before the expiration of an estate occurs.
  • Our cross referencing of multiple databases produces the most accurate source of DOD information available.
  • All information is delivered in a timely and secure manner.
Date of Death Probate finder ondemand

Dashboard on probate finder ondemand

Dashboard Overview

  • At a glance know if user action is needed.
  • A single click allows user to fully act on significant probate claims.
  • Register for customer exclusive probate webinars and view system notifications.
  • Customizable charts display comparative performance of probate matches, probate claims, and probate payments.

Add accounts with ease and confidence

  • No expensive software, lengthy setup and resource constraints, Probate Finder OnDemand requires only an internet connection.
  • Fast, reliable and easy to use, Probate Finder OnDemand allows you to securely enter or upload accounts and documents.
  • Your data is encrypted using 168-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology, ensuring your data is never accessed by unauthorized third parties while in transit.
upload accounts with probate finder ondemand

manage accounts on probate finder ondemand

Manage accounts and workflows

  • Instantly view uploaded accounts.
  • Easily search, update and manage accounts and claims as they move through the probate recovery process.
  • Manage all accounts from one convenient location.

Access support anytime

  • Immediate access to expert probate resources.
  • Exclusive customer care webinars including “You’ve Filed a Probate Claim, Now What?” and “Navigating the Probate Process Like an Expert.”
  • Access to our "How-To" video series, and an easy-to-read online user manual.
  • Access to our knowledgeable customer support team.
access probate finder ondemand support

prevent unauthorized access in probate finder ondemand

Prevent unauthorized access

  • Probate Finder OnDemand adheres to the highest industry security standards at every level of the application, ensuring a simple and secure user experience.
  • Protect and prevent unauthorized access to probate claim account information.
  • With Probate Finder OnDemand, you control user settings by defining privileges like editing, viewing and adding information.

Reporting Made Easy

  • Easy access to common reporting templates, easily customize your own reports to help you monitor account status, claims filed and more.
  • Document your nationwide estate search efforts for Medicare reimbursement.
  • Track and report with the options to print, export, and save as needed.
reporting with probate finder ondemand