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Probate Finder OnDemand™ provides unparalleled resources to educate customers and organizations about the power of utilizing probate and automated probate claim filing to collect on deceased accounts receivable.

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Our unmatched depth of knowledge and expertise in probate and the estate recovery process provides unrivaled resources with easy accessibility. For speaking engagements, webinar presentations, or contributions to articles and other media publications, please contact us. Learn more

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Probate Finder OnDemand offers customers an expansive library of “How-To” videos that provide easy-to-view, practical instructions on how to use our application. Learn more



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Explore our eye-opening case studies, expert-researched whitepapers, and in-depth presentations, helping you to gain a better understanding of how a probated estate recovery process can work for you. Learn more


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What is Probate

Learn what probate is and why utilizing the probate process is beneficial to collecting on deceased accounts.

Why Probate

Learn why probate is simplified with our nationwide estate-location and probate claim filing solution.

How to file a Probate Claim

Discover the easy and efficient way to collect on your accounts receivable and automatically file probate claims with our easy-to-use solution, Probate Finder OnDemand.