Probate Finder OnDemand™


We pulled one of our accounts and placed it with OnDemand. The next day, OnDemand filed a probate claim. We were searching for two years!probate claim testimonial

Collection Manager, Senior Living Association

Automated probate claim filing

A simple and proven solution

Managing your growing deceased accounts receivables can be difficult. But, with economic uncertainties and growing debt levels, companies can no longer afford to write off deceased accounts or place these receivables with non-specialist collection agencies.

Many of the largest financial services, healthcare and government organizations have trusted the patented Probate Finder® technology to help them proactively identify deceased accounts, find probated estates, and efficiently file over $1 billion in claims.

Introducing Probate Finder OnDemand™

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) online tool that matches accounts receivables to nationwide open probated estates
  • Organizational productivity tool that automates the probate claim filing process
  • Lowers costs, improves compliance, protects customer relationships
  • Leverages the probate process, utilizing the most efficient way to collect on deceased debt

Easy and Efficient

 Find Probated Estate Records
  • Nationwide court coverage with access to over 3.5 million probated estate records
  • “One click” probate claim filing, quickly and accurately
  • Web-based solution—no software or hardware installation necessary

Reliable and Secure

Probate Finder Security
  • Ensure regulatory compliance; including the recent FTC Policy Statement
  • Data is encrypted using 168-bit secure socket layer encryption technology
  • HIPPA compliant and certified to the ISO 27001 international data security standard


Cost effective in-house collections and deceased debt recovery
  • Maintain in-house collection process ownership while controlling deceased debt recovery costs
  • No installation or setup fees
  • Generate positive ROI—paying for only actual performance