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Forte speakers have unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in the trends and best practices of deceased account recoveries. We are the industry leader in probate technologies and recovery solutions, and our speakers are available to speak on a number of topics, including probate, probate recovery and strategy.

How to Supercharge Your Internal Collection Process by Utilizing Probate

how to supercharge collections
  • Speakers: Brenda Horn and Aaron Feldman
  • Presentation Format: Recorded Webcast
  • Duration - 17:13

Utilizing probate is the most efficient and beneficial way to recovery on your deceased accounts receivable, but implementing the right process is key. Learn how Probate Finder OnDemand has revolutionized the way current collection processes recover, by employing an automated probated estate location and probate claim filing solution. This webinar will discuss both advantages and challenges of probate and offer a solution that capitalizes on the benefits while eliminating the obstacles.

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Probate Best Practices To Maximize Recoveries

probate best practices to maximize recoveries
  • Speakers: Brenda Horn
  • Presentation Format: Recorded Webcast
  • Duration - 22:17

How can you use probate to your advantage when collecting on deceased receivables? Learn best practices for simplifying the probate process and find out how you can utilize probate to increase revenue and your bottom line.

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Five Steps to a High-Performance Estate Recovery Strategy

five steps to a high-performance estate recovery strategy
  • Speakers: Angela Horn and Ron Michalak
  • Presentation Format: Recorded Webcast
  • Duration - 27:26

The aging population and soaring costs of last illness are forcing many healthcare organizations to rethink their approach to deceased patient accounts. Probate recovery offers healthcare providers the most survivor-sensitive way to collect on deceased debt and capture a new revenue stream.

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Maximizing Estate Recoveries with Probate Finder

maximizing estate recoveries with probate finder
  • Speakers: Angela Horn and Autumn Boomgaarden
  • Presentation Format: Recorded Webcast
  • Duration - 22:52

Maximizing Estate Recoveries with Probate Finder OnDemand Part 1: Navigating the Probate Process Like an Expert

Is your organization taking full advantage of the probate process to collect deceased debt? Does your recovery team understand the difference between small estates and traditional probate cases? Between formal and informal administrations? This webinar helps viewers become more credible participants in the probate process by helping them understand the process and the terminology used.

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